To Learn the Indonesia Language is the First Step

So prominent in the activities of gathering participants and alumni of Indonesian courses to citizens of Norway, Oslo Embassy held in the auditorium of the Embassy building, Fritzners gate 12, Oslo.

“This activity is part of the commemoration of National Awakening Day, as well as introduce to people the significance of the Norwegian national day of resurrection for the Indonesian nation,” said Secretary III Febby Fahrani recently.

Gathering was attended by 16 bule-bule ( Bule is the Indonesian expression for foreigner) Norway already fluent cas-cis-cus with Indonesian. The course has been organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Oslo for free to citizens of Norway since 2002. Noted there are currently 71 course participants, which took place regularly every Monday afternoon.

“Indonesian language plays an important role in uniting the people of Indonesia, which consists of a variety of languages ​​and ethnicities,” explained Ambassador to the Kingdom of Oslo and the Republic of Iceland Esti Andayani in his speech.

Continue Ambassador, Indonesian as one of Indonesia’s cultural component also has significance in strengthening the national spirit of the people of Indonesia, which among other things since the movement of Budi Utomo was pioneered in 1908 until digaungkannya Youth Pledge in 1928.

“The interest to study the Indonesian is the first step to recognize the Indonesian nation with high national character. With the ability to speak Indonesian, so you can better understand Indonesia and became the love of Indonesia,” the Ambassador, as he expressed high appreciation.

Mentioned that for this gathering special envoy fails to submit an invitation in English to the participants and alumni of the course, but entirely in Bahasa Indonesian.

Not only that, the Ambassador also said that those who attended were Friends of Indonesia (The friends of Indonesia, ed), part of a large family of Indonesia in Oslo.

Iwan Hidajat Meanwhile, Indonesian Language in teaching the course, expressed appreciation for the organization of gatherings. Iwan rate, this activity as a venue for participants and alumni of language courses to better know each other and to learn more about Indonesia. Appreciation is also conveyed the same participants and alumni who attended.

Gathering closed with Indonesian tourism video playback and a dinner with fine cuisine that is uniquely Indonesian fried rice noodles, bakwan vegetables, spring rolls, peanut brittle, banana chips and ice jazzed.

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