Poverty is Increasing in Denmark

More and more Danes live a life in poverty. In seven years the number of persons with an income below OECD’ poverty line has increased by 55 per cent.
In 2009, 234,000 Danes could be defined as poor. This appears of new figures published by The Economic Council of the Labour Movement.

»It is a very worrying development that the poverty in Denmark rises year after year. The poverty presents an increasing social problem in Denmark,« said chief analyst Jonas Schytz Juul, who is behind the survey of poverty in Denmark.

If you look at figures published by EU’s statistical office, Eurostat, it also becomes clear that the poverty in Denmark has increased significantly during the last decade.
In 2001 Denmark was the country in Europe with the lowest share of poor people – today we are ranked 11.

»The new figures clearly show that poverty in Denmark is a reality which we have to respond to. It is crucial that this development is broken so that we do not create a new social and economic lower class in Denmark,« said Jonas Schytz Juul.

»The politicians should take steps to stop this development of increasing poverty and abolish a number of social schemes which today contribute to increasing the poverty,« the chief analyst added.

There is no official Danish poverty line.

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