Baby Elephant Risks Being Sold into Tourism

The baby elephant was rejected by its mother by birth. The now three year old “Songkran” has since April 2010 been charming visitors to The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation in Hua Hin. But the contract between the foundation and Songkran’s owner expires within a month and then the foundation has no other choice but to either buy her or return her to the owner who will sell her to the highest bidder.

The price for Songkran is 1 million baht.
Helle Deleuran has already received 450.000 baht from an Australian/Thai family.
KVIK kitchen, Replica Design and Oriental Invest have also donated to help the young elephant.

The foundation has already paid 200.000 baht for Songkran. By now, Helle Deleuran only needs another 100.000 to 200.000 baht more to save little Songkran.
Female elephants can usually be sold at a higher price than males because they are reproductive and easier to handle and more calm than male elephants.

“I am doing it because some one has to,” says Helle Deleuran about her self imposed responsibility. “I am happy if I can help save this little baby from a miserable life as a tourist attraction or hard work to serve her owner” she says.

If you are in a position to help save the baby elephant “Songkran” or support The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation, please see below for more information:

The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation
176 Moo, Hua Hin Nongplub Rd.
Prachuabkhirikhan 77110
Tel.: 032827100


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