Norwegian Kicked and Beaten by Police Volunteers

The conduct of Pattaya Police Volunteers is once again in question following allegations of a serious assault on a Norwegian man in South Pattaya. Police and rescue services were called to Soi Bongot late on Saturday Night following reports of an assault on Mr. Kim Ruben Husby aged 20 who had sustained facial injuries following an altercation with a group of five Traffic Police Volunteers, some in uniform and others not.

The incident began when Mr. Husby was seen having a verbal argument in the street with his girlfriend known only as “Tuk”.

The volunteers saw the altercation and approached the pair. Words were exchanged and the five volunteers reportedly assaulted Mr. Husby with kicks and punches to the head.

Members of the public were seen to film the fight on mobile phones but were reportedly told to delete the videos or they would have a problem.

Mr. Husby complained about the alleged assault at Pattaya Police Station and was told that a report had been made and a search for the volunteers would take place.

This is not the first time Police Volunteers have been involved in attacks such as this one and many claim a lack of training and guidance from full time officers is to blame. Without decisive action by the Police it is likely more serious incidents involving Police Volunteers will take place in the future.

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