Swedish Midsummer in Bangkok

On Saturday 18 June, the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce organized the annual Swedish Midsummer Party at Rembrandt Hotel. About 70 people celebrated the Midsummer party together. Enjoy photos click here

The guests enjoyed the midsummer menu, wine, beers and of course snaps. Peter Bjork, Executive Director of Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, held the welcome speech:
            “Thank you for showing up today. Thank you to Rembrandt Hotel for providing the nice venue, selective midsummer menu and beverage. Thank you to our sponsor the Swedish School Association of Bangkok. Please enjoy your party.”

During the luncheon, the quests also sang traditional songs along with the snaps. The girls made the wreath for children and others in the party which took place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The highlight activity was that everyone would dance around the midsummer pole. Guests all joined hands and danced around the pole singing the midsummer song next to the pool. It was especially funny when eventually they started doing a strange dance, jumping around like small frogs. Not only the children!

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