Swede Arrested During a Drug Raid in Cambodia

According to Phnom Penh Post, a Swedish man, his Vietnamese wife and eight Cambodian suspects were arrested during a raid on a residence in the Tuol Sangke village of Russei Keo district’s Tuol Sangke commune, Phnom Penh on Tuesday 21, 2011.

As Scandasia.com understand the Swede is well known in Sihanuokville where he had been living for several years. A Swedish businessman describes him as an easy going guy, enjoying the life on beach in Sihanoukville. When his bank acconunt went empty, he packed his stuff, bought two bus tickets to Phnom Penh chasing the luck once again. This time obvious with the wrong people.

According to the Swedish business man the arrest took place several weeks ago.

Khieu Samon, acting director of the anti-drug department at the Interior Ministry, said anti-drug police had co-operated with deputy prosecutor Chet Khemera in the raid, on a site thought to be a centre for drug production and distribution.

He said documents were being prepared to send the suspects to court.

“We have sufficient evidence to file a complaint against them of producing and distributing the drug and we are preparing the cases to bring the offenders to court for legal punishment,”  Khieu Samon said.

“Authorities had confiscated 160 grams of chemicals, enough to make more than 200 grams of crystal methamphetamine (also called ‘Ice’)”,  he said.

The offenders, who have not  been named, could face life imprisonment if convicted, Khieu Samon said.

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