Vestas Supercomputer is the World’s 53rd Fastest

Vestas’ new supercomputer, Firestorm, is now officially among the most powerful in the world, ranked 53rd place in the Top500.
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It was confirmed just how powerful Vestas’ new supercomputer is, when on Monday the list of the world’s 500 most powerful computers was published at the annual International Supercomputing Conference.

Vestas’ Firestorm computer is ranked in 53rd place as the second-most powerful in Scandinavia.
The installation will be finalised this week after which Firestorm will start delivering complex calculations for Vestas Technology R&D, Plant Siting & Forecasting.
According to the list, the world’s most powerful computer is the “K” computer, located at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Japan. The list is dominated by the USA, where more than half of the computers on the list are located. No other companies within wind power appear on the Top500 list

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