Maersk Line: No Need for More Than 10 Ships

The development on the container marked must improve more than what is expected at the moment if Maersk Line is to change its mind and exercise the option for ordering the last 10 Triple-E container ships at the Korean shipbuilder Daewoo, Maersk Line Chief Operating Officer , Morten H. Engelstoft, told Ritzau Finans.

»We now have 20 Triple-E on order. We believe that they fit well with the company’s current ambitions and expectations for Asia-Europe. Therefore there is not at the moment any intention to exercise the last option,« said Morten H. Engelstoft.

However, Maersk Line will reserve is right to hold off on any final decision until the deadline.

»If we should exercise the option, we should see a greater need than we see at the moment. But as earlier said, we shall reconsider the situation at the end of the year,« he added.

For the next five years, Maersk Line expects a growth in the market between Asia and Europe of 5-8 per cent annually.

According to the COO, Maersk Line expects that an increased growth in the Russia and Black Sea market vil contribute to an average, sound annual market growth.

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