Danish Education Export Accepted After Summer

The Danish Minister of Education, Troels Lund Poulsen, has decided to make it easier for Danish technical schools, business schools and universities as he is on a fast trip around Asia to find out the possibilities to start up a Danish education export. He has spent a few days in Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi and Singapore, and will be returning to Denmark tomorrow.
He mentioned that it is clear that avenues to export Danish education have to be created in order ot make it easier on the Danish educational institutes.
“We have to regulate certain possibilities to make it easier for Danish universities, schools and higher levels to export education.
We had to conduct analyses about the problem and right after the Danish parliament’s summer holiday, we had to come up with a plan for the export from Danish education system,” says the minister to ScandAsia while he was on a short trip in Hanoi.
Anya Eskildsen, Niels Brock School run a school in China and soon starts up a business school in Solvang, USA.
She said that since the Danish education is one of high value worldwide, it is a great step the Danish government has taken to make an easier and more accessible way top export Danish education.
“We look forward to putting these changes into action so can start a campus in Vietnam. I am glad about this decision,” she said.
Phasion Group CEO Svend Lund also commented on this decision and agreed that it is a good one.
He said that as time passes by, handcraft education for industries are slowly dying and currently seems unimportant.
“We export jobs and workforce therefore where education is concerned, it is slowly fading. In five years, it is possible that handcraft skills will no longer be known in Denmark. At the moment we trained our young staff on them in Vietnam,” he said.

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