Growth opportunities to Danish Trade and Industry in Vietnam

Embassy Counselor at the Danish Consulate and Trade Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Pia Starbaek Szczepanski, is hoping to highlight growth opportunities of Danish industries in Vietnam. She also points out that Danish companies as well as enterprises in Vietnam should consider taking advantage of one of Asia’s top emerging markets.
Pia’s posting to Ho Chi Minh City is due to Danish Ambassador to Hanoi, John Nielsen’s response as he has relocated his employees to meet a longstanding wish of many Danish companies of making a more visible presence in South Vietnam.
“I hope our assistance to Danish companies in South Vietnam will be more focused by the strengthened office in Ho Chi Minh City,” he says.
Pia, who started work on 1 June said that she is currently visiting a large number of Danish companies that have been here for some time, whether short or long. She believes by doing this she will be able to get an insight into the opportunities and challenges associated with establishing and doing business in Vietnam.
“This knowledge gives me a good start for advising the Danish companies who look at Vietnam, whether it is to establish production in the country or for export,” she adds.
“We should give a realistic picture of what is happening in Vietnam in every respect. We also can assist companies in its initial market research and match making, as well as assisting them in establishment and recruitment of employees,” she says.

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