Danish St.Hans in Hua Hin

Text and photo by Beate Cecilie Stampe Rasmussen
Many hours the Nordic countries when out to see this years celebrations, a bonfire could been seen in Hua Hin.

42 happy Thai, Swedes, Norwegians, English, German and Danes gathered for Danish St.Hans Eve, organized by Hua Hin Ladies. The beautiful art gallery, Chubcheeva, with to houses framing a large garden for seating, provided the perfect surroundings for the evening with bonfire and singing. The gallery is close to the Royal Place in Hua Hin and therefore subject to special rules, so until the last moment it was uncertain whether there would be a bonfire. But then it’s good with modern technology. An iPad arranged “live” fire – the whole evening the iPad showed a video with a fireplace, much to the amusement of all.

To the sound of flames from the iPod were served a mix of Thai BBQ and Danish meatballs with potato salad. By then, the guests were welcomed with a glass of the Danish summer tradition: White Wine with Elderflower and by Beate Cecilie Stampe Rasmussen.

After dinner everyone gathered around the right campfire and singing: Midsummervisen (accompanied by the Danish band Shu-bi-dua on the stereo, so it could be heard across the garden).

As the fire went out, everyone sat around in the garden and enjoyed a video art installation on one of housegalleries walls, drinking coffee or tea and talking. It was a good opportunity to compare Midsummer-traditions between countries.

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