Danish Resident in Pattaya Caught-up in Necklace Snatch

A Danish resident and his Thai girlfriend were the subject of an aggravated necklace snatch on Monday afternoon which led to a dramatic chase around the streets of Pattaya as Police attempted to apprehend the two culprits.

Reports came in to Police of the necklace snatch which occurred on the Tepprasit Road in front of Soi 17. Police and Volunteers soon spotted the two offenders who had left the scene on their motorbike.

The gold necklace had been snatched from Khun Wangamon aged 30 who was riding as passenger on the bike driven by her 54 year old Danish boyfriend. They were on their way to book a taxi to the airport in Bangkok for a planned trip to Vietnam.

Khun Wangamon was slightly injured and made her way to Pattaya Police Station while Police chased the two suspects through the streets of Pattaya until they were eventually caught on the North Pattaya Road close to the Bus Terminal.

Police Colonel Nantawoot, the Chief of Police was involved in the chase and as soon as the two suspects, both aged 17, were in custody, a search began for the gold necklace which had been discarded by them during the chase, somewhere on the North Pattaya Road.

The necklace could not be found and the two suspects were taken to Pattaya Police Station for further investigation.

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