Telenor Group Stands by its Investment in Thailand

Telenor Group will submit a formal letter to the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) expressing its concern in regards to the investigations into dtac’s ownership, and asking the MoC for fair treatment throughout the whole investigative process.

The letter is in response to the recent announcement by the caretaker Deputy Commerce Minister to relook at dtac’s shareholding structure despite the formal committee, appointed by the MoC’s Permanent Secretary and chaired by the Department of Business Development’s Director General, having already concluded its investigation into the same matter.

dtac’s ownership structure is currently being reviewed by several parallel investigations conducted by different Thai authorities.

“As the final conclusion of any of these investigations might have an impact on all foreign investment in Thailand, Telenor Group urges the authorities to make sure that all investigations are in accordance with normal and proper procedures, and that the Government ensures that they are conducted in a thorough manner for the wider interest of the Thai economy. Telenor Group will cooperate with any investigations when asked to”, said Sigve Brekke, Head of Telenor Group region Asia.

In our view the recent actions by certain officials of the Ministry of Commerce do not follow the thorough investigative procedures normally followed by the Thai authorities, and the investigation has not been conducted in the fair and transparent manner expected by the Telenor Group.

“Telenor Group stands by its investment in Thailand, and will fully cooperate and enter into a constructive dialogue to secure the best interests of the entire industry and promote a non-discriminatory level playing field”, said Sigve Brekke, Head of Telenor Group region Asia.

Telenor Group has made significant investment in Thailand over the past 10 years, and remains fully committed to the future development of the Thai telecommunications industry for the best interests of the Thai people


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