No Payments to White-collar Workers at SaaB

White-collar staff at cash-strapped Swedish carmaker Saab Automobile will not receive their salaries due on Wednesday, the firm has confirmed in a statement.

The firm explained that the reason for missed payment is that some of the payments promised from investors has not been received.

Saab is now is discussions with various stakeholders to try to find a short term solution in order for the wages to be paid out.

Wages due to all workers affiliated with the Swedish Metalworkers’ Union (IF Metall) have however been paid out as normal.

July is the second consecutive month that Saab has had problems meeting salary payments. Last month it affected IF Metall members who were made to wait for their pay packet.

The problem was eventually solved when a loan from the Gemini fund was completed and the money could be deposited into employee accounts.

Earlier this afternoon Anette Hellgren, president of Unionen representing salaried employees in the private sector, said that she had heard nothing about the cashflow problems, but that she received a call later in the day.

“The company rang. They said that there had been a delay and that the money should be paid out as soon as possible,” Anette Hellgren said to news agency TT.

Members of Unionen were also made to wait for their salaries in June, which were ultimately paid two days late. The prior problems mean that the organisation is prepared to make up the shortfall.

“We have everything ready so that Unionen can offer loans to those affected in order to survive,” said Hellgren.

The amount available is equivalent to what would otherwise have been paid out through the wage guarantee if the company had gone bankrupt.


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