JAS-39 Gripen Still Among the Alternatives in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Defence Ministry is looking into purchasing Typhoon fighter jets, but Among the alternatives are Sweden’s JAS-39 Gripen and further acquisitions of the Russian Su-30 MKM, Dr Ahmad Zahid. said. reports the New Straits Times.

The ministry had set up an evaluation team to consider buying the multi-role combat aircraft from the Eurofighter company, although Defence Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has admitted that its development and production cost (it has an estimated price tag of RM600 million or S$243.5 million) is prohibitive.

“The aircraft is the best multi-role aircraft there is. However, the hefty price tag is something of a concern, since the government is also focusing its allocations on other (defence) development programmes,” said Dr Ahmad Zahid.



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