People Seek the Norwegian Seamen´s Church after the Massacres

Since the two terrorist outrages in Norway on 22 July 2011, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church has had members and visitors at all their branches worldwide sharing the grief of the incident with the rest of the community in church.
Visitors were welcome to the churches worldwide to sign the book of condolence, lay flowers, light a candle or attend a memorial service. In Pattaya,many came to show respect to the victims of both the massacres. They also took the time to lay flowers and light candles at the services.
“We have had about 40 people visiting the church to sign the book of condolence,” says Hans Konrad Nyvoll, assistant at the Seamen’s Church in Pattaya.
Meanwhile in Singapore, although the regular number of members continue to attend the services, they have had a different approach by talking about what had happened in Norway and comforting those who have been directly affected by the loss.
On Monday, 25 July 2011 the church had a special service at 06:00, as it was 12:00 in Norway, where everyone spend an entire minute in silence in accordance to those in Norway. This was one of the ways they paid respect to the victims of the massacre.
“We left our numbers in front so anyone who wants to talk could just give us a call,” sadi Mia Mossin, the assistant and service organiser.

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