IKEA China 1st Multi-storey Mall Settled in Baoshan

IKEA, the global largest retailer of fittings, laid a foundation for a mall in Baoshan, Shanhai on July 26, 2011.

This drives Shanghai, the financial hub of China, to become the first city with three IKEA malls in Asia.

The Baoshan mall will be the first multi-storey mall under IKEA in China, with a total altitude of 33 meters, and adopts steel structure, with features, such as short-term construction period and excellent resistance to shock.

The new mall, following the previous two ones in Shanghai, respectively in Xuhui and Beicai, will continue to bring diversified fitting shopping experiences to consumers and provide one-stop fitting shopping service for residents in Baoshan and surrounding areas. The new mall, which is a multi-storey mall, will continue the environmental protection concept IKEA has always adhered to. Since its foray into the Chinese market in 1998, the fitting retailer has set up nine malls in China by far.


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