Danish Support to Vietnamese Farmers

The Agricultural Development Denmark Asia (ADDA) Integrated Pest Management project is helping farmers become less dependent on pesticides. ADDA is working with 11,000 Vietnamese vegetable farmers, allowing them to select sustainable techniques to explore in their fields.

The farmers are instructed on their selected topic and apply what they learned to their fields. After harvest, farmers report their findings back to the program. Through this participatory approach, farmers have been able to find the best varieties of seeds, optimized water use, minimized pesticide dependence and improved overall environmental conditions in Hanoi.

Although the vast coastline of Vietnam suggests plenty of water, this may not always be the case. As climate change upsets the monsoon-season rainfall pattern, farmers will be forced to adjust their methods of growing crops. In order to ensure they remain productive farmers, many in Vietnam will rely on their ability to combine traditional practices with modern technologies.

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