Finn Zaps Brit With Stun Gun In Central Pattaya

An British man was zapped with a stun gun by a Finn while he was in the hotel with his Thai wife. The victim did not know the suspect and assumed that the suspect injured the wrong person.

Pol.Lt.Col. Prasit Munsri, Pattaya Police was informed of an incident that a foreigner was injured by stun gun at Nuntana Garden View, in Pattaya Klang.

At the scene, the police team found a foreigner who was drunk and holding a stun gun in front of room 118. In the room the victims Mr Mark Weatherburn, age 35, British national and his Thai wife, Mrs Chutima Tengtham, age 29, from Roiet province, were screaming for help. The police seized the suspect but he resisted and tried to zap the victim again. However, the police managed to restrain him. 

Ms Chutima reported to the police that while she and her husband were sleeping in the room, they heard a loud knock on the door. Outside was the suspect whom they had never seen. Soon after, the suspect pushed her husband into the room and zapped him with a stun gun on his body and his right wrist. Resulting in pain and numbness throughout his body. Therefore, she ran to the security guard for help and police assitance. Mrs Chutima and her husband assumed that the suspect thought her husband was his rival. 

The suspect still drunk refused to tell his name. He just said he was from Finland and wanted to get a revenge since the victim had alledgedly injured his friend. However, the victim insisted that he did know know the suspect.

The suspect was detained and charged. The police will interrogate him further after his recovery.

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