Viking Wheelers Annual Trip to Khao Yai

Tour arranged by Morten Luxhoi, story by Henrik Friis

Viking Wheelers arranged their annual trip to Khao Yai during Mother’s day long holiday on 12-14 August 2011. Viking Wheelers lucky number turned out to be 12 happy Wheelers and friends who meet up at Ecovalley resort on 12th of August to prepare themselves for the annual Khao Yai ride on 13th.

Captain Morten assembled the troops on Saturday morning for testing the new breakfast buffet at Eco Valley Lodge, and everything went fine except The President in true style managed to crash during the breakfast. After The President was cleaned up and had consumed his breakfast everyone was ready for takeoff for the 47.2 km crusade.

5 senior Vikings, Morten, Claus, Willy, Dai, and Vitoon accompanied by 3 junior Vikings Simon, Niew and Focus was ready on the bike and The President took charge of the support car as he claimed he had a doctors certificate which instructed him not to do any physical activity for a month!

The team headed off down the towards the main road and crossed over into the area of Bonaza, where Morten guided the team though winding roads before stopping at a pit stop close to the Golf course, with only 13 km behind them the team was still fresh when they mounted the bike and continues through the “the Beverly hills’” part of Bonaza village, from there they followed the roads around the new Bonaza gokart circuit and Morten thought The President took the flying Alphard for a spin, but instead he was hiding behind the hill to take some snap photos of Vikings with the tongue out when they came over the hills.

Second pit stop was at km 30 and the team took at well needed rest before heading the last +17 km back to the resort. Most part of the way the ride was smooth, but our new Viking Vitoon suddenly got cramp in the legs and got a lift, for app. 6 k before joining the team again on the dirt roads on the back way into the resort.

The most of the Vikings used the reminder of that day to refill green carbohydrates and tell stories from before Harald Bluetooth was born, before everyone joined up for the Eco Valley Lodge famous barbeque.

Well rested the team was ready on time for breakfast on 2nd day and got off on time as the president didn’t have any early morning crashes. The team looked at black skyes, some hoping for rain, but Morten was again the captain and confidently got the Vikings on the bike and guided them out the back way of the resort towards the Big White Budda, at km 13 the team took a short pit stop to load up before starting to climb more rolling hills. Some of the Vikings was a little tired in the legs and decided that some hills was better taken upwards by foot, but they quickly went on the bike when it went downhill. This year Morten had forgot to arrange the cows to block the road, but instead he had arranged some bumpy roads which resulted in Vitoon loosing the chain, with quick help from The President there he was back on the road and no excuse for getting in the car.

The Vikings got a well deserved break at km 30, apparently not all got enough rest, a tired Dai decided The President was lonely in the car and volunteered to keep him company and make sure he didn’t loose the way. The sun became stronger and speed slowed down, especially for Focus who lost the energy in his legs and had to join the car for the last 6 k back to resort. The rest of the team could apparently smell the lunch, because they where back in no time. The Viking ended the day with a Viking lunch consisting of cold potato salad, roast beef and sausages before most of them returned back to Bangkok.

Next ride is 24th September in Chonburi, we expect to ride app. 50 to 55 km on flat roads, and to make sure you don’t loose to much weight we also arrange lunch at a local restaurant, so book your calendar now – website to be updated soon!

You can see more from our tour in our Photos section

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