Pea Soup Dinner with the Swedes in Bangkok

On Thursday 25 August 2011, about 30 members and friends of Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce gathered at Hotel Le Fenix in Bangkok for the traditional Pea Soup Dinner, prepared in this case by Swedish Food & Beverage Manager Johan Davidsson. See more photo click here

The pea soup is made from a mix of dry pea, slow cooked pork, corn, and a few other ingredients. It is served with side dish such as ham, mustard, and cheese. Pea soup cannot be eaten without Swedish Punsch. It is a perfect combination! The meal was complete with a Swedish Pancakes Buffet with Strawberry Jam.

The dinner was held in a friendly atmosphere where all could speak Swedish among each other.

“Pea soup is the traditional meal in Sweden that is usually served on Thursday. It is an easy to cook meal and low cost so it is provided in the military as well. You can find it in Swedish restaurant on most Thursday’s special menu,” explained Wolf H. von Waldegg, one of the colourful long time Swedish residents in Thailand.

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