One house was not enough

Norwegians Hanne-Kjersti Jørgensen and Reidar Sten Nilsen have bought two houses in Pattaya. One to live in during their long stays in Thailand – and one to rent out. Both houses cost around half a million Norwegian kroner (3 million Thai Baht). For that kind of money you can buy anything from a small apartment with a view to the beach, to an entire 250 square meter house in Pattaya.
“We had to buy now when prices are still fairly reasonable,” Sten Nilsen says.
The houses are similar in size, but the second one ended up costing the couple one million Baht more, mainly due to increasing real estate prices. But the Norwegians are still convinced there is money to be made renting out the house.
Hanne-Kjersti Jørgensen and Sten Nilsen moved into their brand new house in the beginning of September last year. The house is situated on a hill between Pattaya proper and Jomtien, the beach just south of Pattaya. They laid 2,5 million Thai Baht on the table to secure a house about 75 square meters. For that kind of money they got a cozy living room with a small kitchen in one corner. There are two bedrooms, both with attached bathrooms. The house is situated in a group with five other houses, with a swimming pool and a sun deck in the middle.
“This is a quiet neighborhood. That is very important to us,” Jørgensen says.
“This is our second home. It is actually more than that, because we spend more time here than we do in Norway,” Sten Nilsen says.
“We have been to Thailand many times before we bought this place. I have multiple sclerosis and the warm climate does me good. I’m a lot better here than I am at home during winter,” Jørgensen says.
She does motion training in the water just off the beautiful beach close to their house.
“When she is gone during the wither time, there is not much for me to do at home,” Sten Nilsen says.
Around Pattaya, on the other hand, there is a lot for him to do. There are many golf courses to play at for the avid golfer. He recently obtained a white card.


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