Swedish Lottery Winner Plans Vacation to Thailand

An unbelievably lucky 46-year-old Swedish man, who won 2.1 million SEK on two lottery tickets, was asked by the media, what he would spend it on. Well, he told the Swedish newspaper The Local, next winter he would take a vacation to Thailand – the home country of his Thai wife. And he would also buy his daughter a new bicycle.
“It’s unreal, I don’t think I’ve quite woken up and realised what has happened yet,” 46-year-old Rolant Christensen told The Local after his win.
 Christensen’s incredible streak of good luck started a couple of weeks ago when he bought a Triss scratch-off lottery ticket and found that he had won a chance to win 5 million kronor.
 Three days later, he bought another ticket on a whim, and won again, giving him two chances to hit the scratch-off lotto jackpot on live television.
 Buying two winning scratch-off lottery tickets is highly unlikely – about 1 in 160 billion, mathematics professor Tom Britton told TV4.
 The final draw was done on TV and was a historic event, as never before had a person with two eligible lottery tickets appeared on the programme.
 Christensen ultimately won 2.1 million kronor, 100,000 kronor on the first scratch-off ticket and 2 million on the other.
 Apart from going on a vacation to Thailand, Christensen plans to buy the house he lives in with his family, as well as a new car and an excavator.
 Although his chances of winning anything in the lottery ever again are statistically slim, Christensen says he will continue buying lottery tickets in the future, simply because of the fun.

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