Cambodia: Dane and Girlfriend In Jail for Drug Possession

Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday sentenced a Danish national and his Cambodian girlfriend to one year in prison and a year’s probation for drug possession and use following their arrest in Phnom Penh in March with $140 worth of heroin and methamphetamines.

Jesper Hvidberg Larsen, 43 and Sam Srey Srors, 25, were originally charged with drug trafficking, though in court on Sept. 9, Mr Larsen testified that the drugs were for his personal consumption.

“The court sentenced Jesper Hvidberg Larsen and Sam Srey Srors to two years in jail, but ordered them to serve only one year each, and fined them 3 million
riel ($750) for drug possession and drug use.” Presiding Judge said in his verdict.

The couple’s defence lawyer, Dun Vibol, said that the verdict was suitable, given the small amount of drugs involved in the

“We can accept it, and we will not appeal,” he said.

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