The frost has arrived in Sweden

This morning many people in the country woke up to look out on a frosty landscape outside. This was the first real frost night in Sweden which is a clear sign that autumn is coming. The coldest temperatures were not measured in the north however but in mid-Sweden.

The coldest temperatures could be found in mid-Sweden, more specifically in the provinces of Dalarna (the northwestern part), Härjedalen and Jämtland. The absolute coldest night was measured in Börtnan in Jämtland and in Grundforsen in Dalarna close to the Norwegian border (see map) with minus 5 degrees Celsius according to the Swedish Meteorological Institute SMHI.

In the southern part of Sweden, Götaland, coldest temperatures was found in the province of Småland. Hagshult (known for its cold temperatures in winter) was coldest with minus 1.4 degrees Celsius.

There was no frost observed in Stockholm but rather cold temperatures. It was 4 degress Celsius for example at Bromma Airport.

P.S. Did you know that the temperature scale Celsius is named after the Swedish scientist Anders Celsius 1701-1744 who lived in Uppsala? The logic with the Celsius scale is that 0 degrees is when water freezes and 100 degrees is when water boils. Celsius plan was originally to have the zero degree when water boils but this did not work since the air pressure affects the boiling point


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