Drunk Swede Taken For Dead Near TESCO Pattaya

A 70 plus old Swedish man with marital problems concerning his Thai wife, got drunk and went to sleep in the bushes beside the TESCO sidewalk in Pattaya. The passers by thought he was dead and called the unidentified corpse collection foundation.

Staff at Sawangboribul Foundation were notified about a dead foreigner lying in the grass in front of Tesco Lotus Chaiyapruk Two Road, Pattaya.

At the scene the officers found a foreigner sleeping in the grass. Drunk but still alive. Name, Mr. Hogh Sverre age 74, Swedish citizen. The officers woke up him and got him out of the bushes.

Upon investigation, Mr. Sverre said that he went to sleep in the grass near the sidewalk because was was upset with his Thai wife and wanted to calm down.

The officer let him return home and informed him not to sleep in the grass or in the bushes due to snakes or other poisonous animals that could harm him. Mr. Hogh Sverre agreed and went back home.


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