Four awards to Danish documentaries in China

November 10-11., four Danish documentaries received awards from the largest international film and TV program event in Asia – Sichuan TV Festival (SCTVF) in China, which is dedicated to discovering new topics, creating new content and introducing new formats.  

Best Long Documentary:
“The Micro Debt” – a critical investigation into the dark side of Microcredit loans.

Best Short Documentary and Grand Prize for Documentary:
The time we have – a love story about the couple Ruth and Arne, who have lived together for 67 years. Ruth is dying, and Arne has to help his loved one through the last difficult time and say goodbye. 

Most Innovative:
Meeting my Father Kasper Tophat – this is a film about a father, a bank robber and magician, and how his daughter got to know him backwards after his suicide.

Founded in 1991, the Sichuan TV Festival (SCTVF) is the leading international film & TV program market and awards in Asia.

2011 SCTVF features: International TV Program Market, International “Gold Panda” Awards, Multicultural Media Events, World Media Development Forum and International Radio, TV, Network Equipment and Multimedia Exhibition.

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