Danish companies narrate success in China

The Danish embassy recently launched a new booklet entitled, “My Danish Footprints in China” in Beijing.

The booklet, published by the Danish Embassy to China, includes 41 stories of the Danish companies in China, which illustrates their positive impact in the local market and increases the visibility of Danish companies in the country. Chinese author Wang Fan also contributed to the booklet by travelling to Denmark to collect inspiration for an article about Danish approaches, which may create value in China.

Danish Ambassador to China Friis Arne Petersen gave a keynote speech at the launch party, expressing his hope for more cooperation between Chinese and Danish companies. Peter Gade, a professional Danish badminton player and a role model to many, also attended the party and shared his perspective on Sino-Danish cooperation and sports.

More than 20 Danish companies, Chinese politicians and press gathered at the embassy to witness the booklet’s launch.


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