Norwegian artist in Incubator exhibition

Henning Olav Espedal, a young Norwegian artist, is participating in an international exhibition at Li-Space in Caoychangdi from 18 December 2011 to 30 January 2012.

Last year he took part in an exhibition themed Mirrored at the True Color Museum in Suzhou, and he has shared his work at several galleries and museums in Norway in recent years. Now his work is being exhibited at the Incubator exhibition at Li-Space in Beijing, where Henning lives and works in.

Li-Space has a goal of being a venue for new and innovative artistic expressions, not just in the up-and-coming generation but also among more established artists. They believe that artistic creation is infused with new energy from making fresh starts and shifting perspective.

In addition to Henning Espedal, the exhibition features work by many other artists from around the world.

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