A mouthwatering Norwegian taste in Singapore

Acclaimed Norwegian chef Geir Skeier was recently in Singapore to showcase the best of Nordic cooking, courtesy of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Chef Skeier is winner of the Bocuse d’Or Europe in 2008 and Bocuse d’Or world champion in 2009, widely dubbed as the Olympics of Food. He came to Singapore last week to promote fresh seasonal produce at private dining events, by the invitation of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

For a short demonstration, he created a six-course lunch based on the New Nordic cuisine cooking style and philosophy, using some of the best seafood Norway had to offer, including red king crabs, cold water prawns, salmon and fresh cod. It’s time to check out his epicurean stylings.

Salmon Dish (Picture: LOKE KOK FAI / TODAY)

Norwegian Chef Geir Skeie preparing the scallop dish, which he hand-picked himself from the shallows of Norway.

The Norwegian seafood ingredients

Watch TODAY Online’s video of Skeier’s cooking:

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