A step towards REC and Singapore’s solar vision: partnership with PacificLight Power for hybrid energy

In a Singapore first, the Norwegian (proposed to be sold to new Chinese owners) solar solutions company REC, and PacificLight Energy (PLE), the electricity retailing arm of Singapore power company PacificLight Power (PacificLight), has announced a strategic partnership to offer a new hybrid energy solution. As a competitive product this is intended to encourage electricity consumers in Singapore to adopt solar power as a source of clean and renewable energy.

The collaboration between REC and PLE, called the “PLEdge to RECharge Green Energy Program”, will provide customisable solutions for Singapore businesses that incorporate the proportion of solar power best suited to each customer’s energy needs, regardless of roof space. Through these hybrid solutions, customers will be able to reduce energy costs, while also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and pledging their commitment to environmental sustainability.


Mr. Martin Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, REC, said, “REC’s vision is to enable electricity users to benefit from energy direct from the sun, and the strategic partnership with PLE allows us to realise this vision for energy users in Singapore. Solar energy continues to become more affordable and our integrated solar production facility in Singapore allows REC to offer competitive products as more customers place importance on green energy solutions. We are proud to partner with PLE to encourage Singapore companies to adopt solar power as a clean energy source.”

Mr. Yu Tat Ming, Chief Executive Officer, PacificLight, said, “Customers in Singapore are increasingly looking for innovative solutions which offer greater choice and competitive pricing. Through this collaboration with REC, PLE can offer customers a tailored energy solution that is not only cost competitive, but also helps to protect the environment. As a Singapore power generation and retailing company, we are committed to energy conservation efforts and we look forward to working with REC to continue encouraging green energy use and energy efficiency in Singapore.”

Under the PLEdge to RECharge Green Energy program, customers can elect an ownership or leasing arrangement model for solar panels provided by REC and the desired proportion of energy generated by the solar panels. The remaining energy requirements will be met by PLE through the provision of natural gas-fired electricity from Singapore’s energy grid.

The program has been established in response to the Singapore government’s support for the development and deployment of solar technology as part of its efforts to diversify the nation’s energy mix. It also complements the SolarNova initiative spearheaded by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

Speaking at the official launch of the strategic partnership, Mr Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director, Cleantech and Cities, Infrastructure and Industrial Solutions, EDB, said, “Companies around the world are embracing solar energy to fulfil their corporate sustainability goals, access a cost-competitive energy source and mitigate the fluctuations in fossil fuel prices. This pioneering partnership is testament to the increasing demand for renewable energy solutions in Singapore.”

The business model will also strengthen Singapore’s position as Asia’s leading cleantech hub where innovations are developed and commercialised to serve the regional markets, he said.

The program will be introduced for an initial period of two years, during which time REC and PLE will continue to explore innovative ways to encourage companies to adopt green energy and become more energy efficient.


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