After 93 years SSS has become a legal entity

Scandinavian Siam Society, which has existed since 1920, is now a registered association under Thai law.

On July 31 Scandinavian Siam Society (SSS) finally received the certificate that proves the existence of the old Scandinavian community. It happened after one year of bureaucratic fight with Standard Chartered Bank who contacted SSS’s treasurer in Juni 2012 to inform, that there was a time limit on three months to register SSS as a legal entity if they wanted to keep their account in the bank.


The time limit collided with the already planned two-months travel of the treasurer and a list of other challenges made it almost impossible for SSS to register before the time ran up.

Thanks to the SSS member khun Wichien Harnpraween, who is a prominent lawyer, they succeeded in navigating through the bureaucratic jungle and eventually after one year – and 93 years of existence not to mention – Scandinavian Siam Society can finally call itself a legal entity.

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