Asia-Europe meeting on wastewater management and sanitation in Singapore

While European countries have great expertise in wastewater management, Asian countries are striving to improve their practices to align themselves more closely to the Millennium Development Goals. June 26-27, ASEM provides a platform for an exchange of views and experiences with a two days seminar in Singapore. 

Next week, ASEM is holding a seminar on sustainable management of wastewater and sanitation in Singapore. The seminar seeks to bring together policy-makers, think-tanks, International Organizations (IOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for exchange of views and experiences. The meeting is a first step towards practical collaboration between Asia and Europe in the future.

Participation is open to all ASEM partners.

World Toilet Day
Today, the UN estimates that 2.5 billion people worldwide still lack access to improved sanitation. In July 2013, the United Nations (UN) adopted Singapore’s resolution to designate 19 November as World Toilet Day. The resolution – Sanitation for All – was co-sponsored by more than 100 countries.

The commemoration of World Toilet Day focuses attention on the global crisis on sanitation and waste-water management. Read more about World Toilet Day

Find ASEM concept paper for the seminar here

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