AstraZeneca sets to reduce deaths from lung cancer in Philippines

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has strengthened its commitment to reduce deaths from lung cancer in the Philippines by investing in early lung cancer screening and providing swift treatments to patients.

According to Dr. Cyril Tolosa, medical affairs director of AstraZeneca Philippines, she said:

“This includes thinking differently about the underlying biology of lung cancer, from early stages – where we aim to help patients live longer and cancer-free – to late stages, where we look to meaningfully extend survival.”

Tolosa also emphasized that to achieve the company’s goals, collaboration between AstraZeneca and the other scientific community can ensure improved treatments for all patients.

With “key stakeholders, decision-makers, and leveraging the latest technologies and insights,” the company can provide innovative solutions for “patients and clinicians that allow them the opportunity to achieve improved survival,” Tolosa  added. 

Source: Phil Star

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