Authentic Danish jazz concert on grass

Get your blanket, grab a free beer and lean back to one of the most prominent and active musicians in Danish jazz, Jakob Dinesen. The Danish Embassy in Bangkok aims for introducing their guests to real Danish “hygge”.  

The usual set up for a jazz concert at an embassy would probably be a line of chairs for the audience. But in this case the garden at the Danish Embassy will be covered by blankets and free beers sponsored by Carlsberg, while the Danish jazz artist Jakob Dinesen is playing. And the choice of blankets on grass is not a coincidence.

“When we are in the garden on the grass, it reminds us of a Danish park event in the summer, where there are lots of jazz festivals in many cities in Denmark,” Asbjørn Overgaard Christiansen says.

He is head of the trade department at the Danish Embassy and one of the organizers of the event. But there is also another reason for the choice of blankets on grass, Asbjørn tells.

“Blankets on grass makes the event more relaxed and it gives us the opportunity to introduce our guests to real Danish ‘hygge’,” he says.

What is “hygge”?
“Hygge” is a fundamental part of the ‪Danish culture and it is often used to explain why the ‪Danes are considered the happiest people in the world. “Hygge” is one of the words which are difficult to directly translate into any other language. Some would say that it means “a cozy atmosphere”.


Jakob Dinesen will be playing together with Koh Mr. Saxman, who has been a familiar name to Thai audiences for almost 20 years as a saxophonist and great artist.

Besides having played with many great musicians in Denmark, Jakob Dinesen and Yasmin Dinesen and son visit Thailand every winter to play.

The event is March 14th.

Want to know more about ‪”hygge”?

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