Bangkok Prep is preparing active learners


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage at Bangkok Prep are active learners as they create their own challenges, develop their independence skills and find ways to solve problems. We recognise that children have unique learning needs as they are all at different stages of development.

The positive relationships with teachers and the role of our ‘enabling environment’ are crucial in the learning and development of the child.

Q: How does the Foundation Stage environment enhance children’s learning and development?
A: The Foundation Stage at Bangkok Prep offers engaging and beautiful indoor and outdoor learning areas. The Nursery and Reception classrooms are designed to create a stimulating and nurturing learning environment, promoting that intrinsic desire for our young children to learn through exploration and play. Our outdoor area offers an especially natural and creative space where the children are able to engage and learn outside. We aim to provide the best learning opportunities through our provision of high quality resources that challenge and promote children to interact and engage with each other, the curriculum and the world.


Q: How is ‘learning through play’ constructed and delivered?
This is delivered through planned and open ended themes in response to the children’s learning needs and interests. Child-initiated learning experiences are balanced with purposeful and directed adult led activities with the teachers, developing and promoting a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

Q: Can you describe a typical day at school?
A: The day in Foundation Stage starts at 8am and ends at 2pm. Children also participate in a variety of specialist lessons including music, physical education, swimming, Thai Studies and computing.

Q: How do you prepare a child for their transition from the Foundation Stage to the Primary School?
A: At Bangkok Prep, we are fortunate enough to have both our Foundation Stage and Primary School on one site. We star t our transition process early by organising joint activities with Year 1 students and parents such as workshops and assemblies. We create opportunities for children in Year 1 to join our Reception classes (aged 5 years old) to talk about the Primary School and share their experiences with the young children.

Q: How are parents included and involved in their child’s education at Bangkok Prep?
A: We believe parents have a vital role to play in the education and development of their children.
Bangkok Prep is founded on partnership and communication where being open is important, as well as, being a part of the community to which your child belongs. We warmly invite parents to share their child’s learning with the teachers through attending ongoing parent teacher consultation meetings, participating in our ‘Stay & Play’ sessions and the termly open mornings.

In the classroom, parents actively enhance their child’s education, through guided reading sessions in the library, cooking or creative activities and supporting our school performances. The school also celebrates numerous international and community events.

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