Board changes under way in Dancham

The upcoming Annual General Meeting at Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce on Thursday February 27 could bring about major changes on the board of directors of the Chamber. Five members must be elected and only one or two are re-elections.

President Peter Romhild has announced on the website of Dancham that he will be stepping down after five years in the presidency and ten years as a board member of the Chamber.


The rule is, that the three board members who have been sitting on the board for the longest period must step down, but can stand for re-election. One of these three board members is Peter Romhild, who has already announced his resignation.

Apart from the President, three more board members were elected or re-elected in 2011. They are Kenn Thaysen, Klaus Støve og Mai Ellegaard.

Klaus Stove, Director at Tropical Focus, told ScandAsia on Thursday that he was one of the members stepping down but added that he “had not yet decided” if he would stand for re-election.

Mai Ellegaard likewise confirms that she is on election. Mai Ellegaard took over the treasurer’s job from Soren Presmann after last year’s AGM. She confirms that she is happy to stand for re-election.

Kenn Thaysen is the third board member elected in 2011. He informs that he intends not to stand for re-election as he has a big task ahead of him working with the new factory which by his company recently opened.

Apart from the three board members stepping down due to the rotation rule, Niels-Henrik Hansen, Director and General Manager of SAS Southeast Asia, has announced that he is stepping down since SAS has officially closed its Bangkok office.

So totally there will be five board members to elect with at least three of them new members and two of them optionally re-elected members.

Vice-president Thomas Nyborg is rumoured to be the replacement for the Presidency, but he does not want to confirm anything.

“There are standard procedures at these elections, so obviously I can’t comment to rumours either way. It is completely up to the new board to decide,” Nyborg says, referring to the procedure, that the after the members have elected the board members, they usually go aside for a few minutes before coming back to the meeting to announce, who among them they have elected as their President.

“What I at this point want to say is, that we have been very satisfied with all the hard and diplomatic works, that Peter Romhild has put into the presidency the past five years, “ Thomas Nyborg adds.


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