Breakfast meeting on China’s New Leadership

The 5th generation, or rather 4.5th generation of top leaders was just appointed to lead China for the coming five years.

Who are they, what agendas do they have, will their appointments mean any change in policies or pace of reforms?

To find out more, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Beijing has invited Mattias Lentz, Political counselor at the EU Delegation in Beijing to shed some light on this political transition in the world’s second largest economy.

Approximately 30 guests showed up in the morning of November 26th at Radisson Blu Hotel to listen to what Mattias Lentz had to say on the political transition in China.

“The Party congress meets once every 5 year, this occasion is a manifestation of the party remaining power and control. Since the last 3 congresses much is the same this is not a meeting for new thinking, more to show the party has control and that everything is as it should be. The selection of the new leaders is very well planned, since many years. The party has 5 new members. The selection procedures we don’t know much about, since its’ not transparent. It’s still too early to say what this new constellation will bring but we know they have high awareness of Chinas needs and problems; a political reform is less likely and definitely not “western democracy”. We will probably know more in March 2013,” he said.

Mattias Lentz is the Head of the Political Section at the EU delegation in Beijing, a posting he has held since 2011.Prior to joining the EU delegation, Mattias has spent nearly 20 years within the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with postings in Beijing, Jakarta New Delhi and Stockholm. He first came to China in the 80’s for studies.

The lineup is as follows;

Xi jin Ping- President
Li Keqian- Premier
Zhang Dejlang – head of NPC
Yu Zhengsheng – head of CPPCC
Liu Yungsheng – CCP general Sec.
Wang Qishan- head of CCDI
Zhang Gaoli- Executive Premier

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