BYD receives China’s order of 1,200 electric buses

BYD continues to have good news to share about its electric buses. From huge orders (1,200 units!) in China to 30-hour run times in New York City, things seem to be working well for the maker of the EV people mover. The latest batch of good news comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, where BYD says an ebus has managed to drive over 200 miles on a single charge.3bydbus

The official number was 325 kilometers (202 miles), and the bus managed it with eight percent of the charge in the battery pack remaining. The bus was in real-world use by City-Trafik and went on a 133.6-mile highway route after running the Route 12 path (68.4 miles) where it carried an average of 40 passengers. This beats the previous record of 310 km (192 miles) and is well beyond the official stated range of 155 miles.

Source: Autoblog Green

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