Celebrate Vappu with TFCC

Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce offers members, relatives, friends and colleagues to celebrate the annual Vappu with fellow Fins in Thailand.

A glimpse of the traditional Vappu party in Finland

The Vappu is an annual celebration of Saint Walpurga. She is hailed for her battle against some of the biggest threats towards the citizens back in 9th century Germany such as pest, rabies and whooping cough. And also witchcraft.

The 30th of April/1st of May marks the day the Catholic Church canonized Saint Walpurga and also moved her relics to Eichstät back in the year 870.

In Finland Vappu is one of the biggest holidays of the year, celebrated with a traditional feast, a carnival and usually large amounts of spirits such as sparkling wine and beer.

And this year’s celebration will be held at the Bully’s restaurant, which is operated by a Finnish man Jyrki (Komu) Komulainen.

At the event there will be traditional food, beverages, a pool competition, darts competition, cocktails, wine, beer and drinks, which are all included in the 950THB fee.

For more information, visit TFCC’s website.

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