Central Denmark Region, Shanghai expand Sci-Tech cooperation

CDR and STCSM of Shanghai in September signed their mutual MOU, which is an expansion into more areas within the cooperation of an already exiting partnership between the two cities/regions. cenden

Head of Regional Development Mr. Bo Johansen and Mr.Xu Zuzin – vice chairman for STSCM was conducting the ritual signing of the MOU.

-Shanghai is the sister region for Central Denmark Region, and the partnership has pushed this cooperation further, Karen Sondergaard explains.

Karen Sondergaard is the programme manager for MIDTNET, which is Central Denmark Region?s sub organization. The new agreement has 3 focus areas – Food Safety, Environment and Energy sufficiency and Seniorcare. Central Denmark Region has strong competences in all 3 areas, and here we have the possibility to develop stronger cooperation, Karen Sondergaard continues.

Knowledge Center for Food and Agriculture was the host for the venue, since the knowledge center was the first organization who established a direct cooperation with Shanghai Municipality. The cooperation started with more visibility in the progress of Food Safety in Shanghai. The Chinese counterparts hold a big interest in the Knowledge Center database for cattle that follows Danish cattle throughout their life.

Source: Central Denmark


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