Charity Jazz Concert for Thai-Myanmar kids by Danish Women’s Network

It would be an incredible idea to organize an event that would allow people to enjoy good taste in music and at the same time would give them an opportunity to extend their hands to underprivileged children.

With that in mind, Danish Women’s Network (DWN) on Tuesday, 12 February 2019 had invited to an “Exclusive Charity Home Concert” in order to support the Children of the Forest (COF), a Thai Foundation for Stateless children.

“Danish women’s network did a lot of charity events but this is the first time that we do a Jazz concert. I’m sure that the guests will enjoy the show because the musicians are very incredible” Trine Paludan, the member of Danish Women’s Network told Scandasia before the concert begins.

Held at Jaspal residence, the DWN’s Charity Jazz Concert was very successful. The tickets for all 50 seats were all sold out and the audience was having a great time watching smooth jazz music performed by Danish singer Yasmin Kierkegaard and saxophonist Jakob Dinesen together with award-winning pianist, Sunny Wongsansern and the percussionist, Łukasz Kurzydło.

The saxophonist, Jakob Dinesen and the singer Yasmin Kierkegaard together with the pianist, Sunny Wongsansern and the percussionist, Łukasz Kurzydło

Yasmin and Jakob have been performing their music in Thailand for the past several years. Their talents are well-known both in Denmark and Thailand. Jakob has produced at least eight albums and earned three Danish Grammy awards. Yasmin was remarkable for her quality voice, her swing movement and her cheerful personality during the show.

Trine explained that Jakob and Yasmin, who are also a member of Danish Women’s Network, had agreed and offered to perform the charity concert and that DWN “is so happy and grateful to have Yasmin and Jakob here tonight!”

Since walking into the place, you could feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere from the members of DWN who were busy preparing the details before the rest of the guests arrived but not forgetting their hospitality with sweet welcome drink and snacks.

The first guests started to arrive at 19.30. They hugged and intimately shared their conversation in both Danish and English and this made the place look even more like family gathering than the concert.

The guests gathered and shared their conversation in both Danish and English before the concert starts

At the concert, Yasmin and Jakob started their performance with soft and relaxing sounds of the saxophone, rainstick and tender cymbal to warm up and prepare the audience before the rhythm got more groovy. Then, when the rhythm got exciting by the third song, Yasmin showed her charming voice and unique dancing movement along with the swing sound from 3-piece Jazz band as if her body is a part of the melody.

The audience were entertained with famous jazz songs from legendary jazz artists including Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Nat King Cole and more.

Some members of the audience enjoyed the show by sitting still, leaning back in their chair. Some were tapping their feet or nodding their head and got along with the upbeat tempo. Though their reactions were different, they were united in enjoying the same show and had a great time at the concert.

Furthermore, Trine kindly introduced Scandasia to Daniel Hopson, the director of Children of the Forest, who gave us a brief background and objectives of the foundation.

COF has been established for over 13 years and located in Thai-Myanmar border at Kanchanaburi, Thailand. COF helps and supports abandoned, abused, orphaned and stateless children. The missions of COF are to provide protection, education and healthcare to empower the children so they can break free from the cycle of disadvantage and poverty.

According to Daniel, “We have our own medical clinic, school for kindergarten till grade 2 and mother and child protection center”. He added that COF introduces the children with fundamental education to prepare them before they attend to government high school which can provide them further support.

Photo: COF’s website

Moreover, Daniel revealed that COF frequently has to confront the difficulty of finding the streaming income to support the children on their education toward school supplies and uniforms “which are what Danish Women’s Network will assist tonight” he said.

Danish Women’s Network has been assisting the Children of the Forest for several years and they commit to continue doing so in the future. “It makes me feel very happy to organize this concert for the charity” Trine told.

If you want to make a contribution to Children of the Forest, you can have a look at their website and you will see various ways to support. But if you want to see the place with your eyes, you will be very welcomed to visit the place by yourself at Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi Provine, Thailand.

ํYou can check out the performance videos taken by Serge Berthomieu below:

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