The Filipino produced and directed film “A farewell Land” was shot in the Faroe Islands

The Embassy of Denmark in Manila proudly shares that the Filipino-produced and directed film “A farewell land” was shot in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands are a North Atlantic archipelago located 320 kilometers north-northwest of Scotland, and about halfway between Norway and Iceland. Like Greenland, The Faroe Islands are a self-governing nation under the external sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The film “A Faraway Land” is set in the Faroe Islands where a “complicated love story” sparks between a married woman and a reporter working on a documentary about OFWs. The film stars Filipino actor and comedian Paolo Contis who has won several awards particularly at the PMPC Star Awards and Filippina actress Yen Santos.

You can watch “A Faraway Land” in the comfort of your home as the film is coming to Netflix Philippines today, 19 August. 

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6 Comments on “The Filipino produced and directed film “A farewell Land” was shot in the Faroe Islands”

  1. I just watched ‘A Faraway Land.’ I loved it. I loved everything about it. The storyline, acting, and characters were all very believable. Especially the two stars. I enjoyed the scenery, and the movie dialogue. The supporting Fillipina actors were very ‘Fillipina.’ By that I mean they didn’t have to act, they just had to be themselves. LOL!!!!! That’s how they are in real life. Their personality inner and outer beauty shine. They are two of the many things I love about them. I should know. I’ve been married to a Fillipina for thirty-three years. I give this movie an ‘eight out of ten.’ First Class. Hoping to see a sequel someday.

  2. This movie needs a writer. There are a lot of talented Filipinos in the movie industry and I can’t believe that this is all they’ve got. Filipinos can do better than this. We’ve got to stop making movies like these, it’s no longer the 80s. “Hello, Love Goodbye” should be the benchmark. This movie is stupid. I’m proud to be a Filipino but I will not condone this laziness. Please, stop making these movies.

  3. Wonderful location , have to goggle the location to learn more about it. Will visit the place once I plan my future trip to Denmark as have some friends who are from there. Nice film , typical Filipino love teary eye film. Enjoyed the film . Learnt about Denmark.

  4. I was curious about Faroe Islands but too disappointed about the story of the movie.
    First, it is a typical Filipino story, betrayal and use of a foreigner spouse. It is not okay to cheat on your spouse- it just goes to show how irrational
    and sinful filipinos are anywhere in the globe. Like it is acceptable to sleep with someone while being married. If not happy with your marriage- get out rather than cheating which will destroy you in the end because of guilt conscience.
    The acting is good though…

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