Children might lose their online Norwegian lessons


The Norwegian government has proposed to stop the arrangement where Norwegian children abroad can receive Norwegian lessons over the internet. Thus,1,600 pupils are now in danger of losing their Norwegian lessons, among which around 50 of them are in Thailand.

“In the proposed national budget for 2017, the government shows that these students receive an education they by law are not entitled to. The result would then be that the offer will terminate by the end of this school year,” says headmaster of the Global School Lilli Røv to the Norwegian online newspaper ABC Nyheter.

“There are very many contributions from the state budget that are given from the important purposes to be achieved, even if the users’ needs are not statutory rights. The fact that Norwegian children abroad to be able to return to Norway and slide successful in Norwegian schools, it is among the kind of important purposes,” she says according to ABC Nyheter.

Source: Thainytt, ABC Nyheter

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