China can’t get enough of Danish mink

The Danish sale of mink to the Asian market continues to impress. The export of mink is going great and especially the Chinese are big buyers.

In the first quarter Denmark sold mink skin for almost DKK 4 billion. The growth is remarkable compared to the same period last year where sales were DKK 2.7 billion.

Kopenhagen Fur which is the biggest seller of the Danish mink explains that the increase is because of higher prices and more sales.

The Asian market is the biggest buyer of mink skins with a total of DKK 32 billion and 35 percent of the global purchase.

“The increase is mainly driven by Chinese buyers who send the skins for production in China and them sells them in China and Hong Kong or re-exports them to Europa ore North America,” said Sander Jacobsen who is head of communications at Kopenhagen Fur.

Sales of furs have tripled in Asia over the past ten years.

The Danish mink breeders have an advantage: the price.

“Danish mink skins are sold for 20-25 percent more compared to other countries. It’s because Danish mink skins have a good quality and a good reputation,” said Sander Jacobsen from Kopenhagen Fur.



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