China to experience Young Dreams

The Norwegian rock band Young Dreams will be playing at the MAO Livehouse in Beijing on the 12th and at the JUE Music Festival in Shanghai on the 13th of March.

Young Dreams released their debut album “Between Places” in 2013. The band is a pop-indie rock band consisting of six musicians who write and play dreamy tunes. Matias Tellez, age 24, who founded the band used to be a well reckoned solo artist who released his first album before starting high-school.

The band is originally from Bergen in Norway and they are especially known for their catchy rhythms and melodies where they combine psychedelic where they combine classical arrangements with traditional pop music.

The band has already toured across Europe and the United States and Beijing and Shanghai are looking forward to experience the magic of Young Dreams in China.

For more information and tickets, please visit:

Jue Music + Art Festival



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