China Premier Keqiang – Swedish Prime Minister Loften meets

During the Swedish Prime Ministier Stefan Lofven’s official visit to China, he also met with Premier Li Keqiang on March 27.

Invited by China to attend the 2015 Boao Forum for Asia, Lofven said that the economic and trading cooperation between the two countries achieved great progress; investments from enterprises of the two countries continue to grow. He said Sweden pays attention to the construction of China’s free trade zones, and is willing to expand related cooperation with China and that the two work together to play an active role in international affairs.


Premier Li noted that Sweden is the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with China and 2015 marks the 65th anniversary since relations began. According to the Premier, the bilateral relations have developed steadily with a deepening mutual understanding. He also said that China is willing to innovate with Sweden, combine the development strategies and advantages respectively to promote the relations to a new stage.

The Premier said that China and Sweden are each other’s biggest trade partner in Asia and Northern Europe. The two have the basis as well as the conditions to develop cooperation with a larger scale, higher level, and more depth.

China is willing to learn from Sweden’s experiences in the high-end manufacturing industry, scientific and technological innovation, green economy and low carbon development, said the Premier. The two should improve the scale of bilateral trade investment; promote the liberalization and facilitate trade investment, and oppose protectionism, Premier Li added.

The Premier said that he hopes Sweden will relax high technology exports to China and that China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with Sweden in international affairs, to keep the world peaceful and steady.

Premier Li also introduced the situations of China’s move toward the rule of law.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

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