China removes restrictions: Norwegian salmon export will triple

The fear of salmon anaemia and other variants of the virus caused China to ban certain imports of Norwegian salmon in 2015. The ban has been lifted, which may cause the export from Norway to triple in the latter part of 2018.

In 2015 there was discovered traces of salmon anaemia and other variants of the virus in salmon imported from Norway. This led to China putting a ban on imports of whole salmon from three Norwegian areas.

The ban has now been lifted and, with salmon being the second-largest export of Norway, the Norwegian Seafood Council expects that this may add $175 million to the annual exports earnings from the industry, according to Reuters.

“During the first half of 2018, Norway exported 7,000 tonnes of salmon to China. With the ban lifted, we have estimated the volume to reach 21,000 tonnes for the second half of 2018,” NSC’s China director Sigmund Bjoergo told Reuters in an email.

In general the lust for salmon is expected to rise significantly during the coming seven years. China’s total salmon consumption could climb to 100,000 tonnes this year and 240,000 tonnes in 2025, according Sigmund Bjoergo, up from a previous estimate for 2025 of 156,000 tonnes.


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