China still taking no bull about Nobel

Chinese officials continue to give Norway the cold shoulder for awarding the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo some three years after the fact.

Consignments of semen from mixed-race breed the Norwegian Red (Norsk Rødt Fe/NRF) are getting stopped at the border, publication Nationen reports, Wednesday.nobull

Norway farmer cooperative and breeding organisation for the NRF, Geno, reports current Chinese policy is hampering imports to the country for them, just like for many other Norwegian companies.

Geno subsidiary Geno Global exported semen from Norwegian Red bulls to more than 20 countries through subsidiaries and partners in 2012.

Main cooperative managing director Sverre Bjørnstad tells the paper China is major market for them.

“Annual turnover of bull semen is 30 million doses, and milk production is increasing sharply. It’s an interesting market to position oneself in, but we’re now awaiting final official approval.”

Geno Global has carried out what they say is a very successful trial project in the Inner Mongolia Province since 2009, cross-breeding NRF sperm with Chinese breeds.

“The producer wants to buy more,” says Mr Bjørnstad.

They have now formally asked both Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for help to put Norway-China relations back on track and resolve the somewhat politically horny situation.

Source: The Foreigner

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