China to build true copy of Danish town

China has fallen in love with the Danish medieval town Randers. Now Chinese firm Andersen Paradise is to build a true copy of  the Randers in China.

Photo: Randers Kommune

China will build a true copy of the old Danish town Randers. Chinese tourists have for years grown an interested in the Scandinavian culture and now the focus has been placed on Randers.

Too Danish youngsters this may – at first – seem rather comical due to a somewhat unflattering reputation of the younger citizens of Randers. Too many parties with too many sugar-tasting alcoholic sodas. But perhaps the prejudiced idea of Randers’ citizens is rather unfair.

Randers offers charming old cobblestone streets and alleys, newer hipster cafés and older taverns that captures the Danish concept of hygge with soft, comfy couches, candle lights and crooked walls.

These are parts of the charismatic Randers the Chinese tourists have been loving for years. The Chinese firm Andersen Paradise – named after the world famous Danish author H.C. Andersen – has therefore initiated a collaboration with Randers Municipality. The goal is to build a true copy of the well-preserved medieval town’s most characteristic buildings and trademarks.

Photo: Randers Kommune

Business and Development Manager in Randers Municipality Dennis Jensen believes the collaboration will bring even more Chinese tourists to the town. Randers hopes to build a Randers Centre and a showroom within the Chinese copy-town that will tell the history of Randers and allow local businesses to sell their products in China.

“This is huge. And it is very exciting. We are already getting more Chinese tourists to Randers, which we want, and we believe more will come with this collaboration,” Dennis Jensen explains to Danish media TV2 Østjylland.

People behind Andersen Paradise have already visited Randers twice and were invited to a private home to experience Danish hygge. Dennis Jensen explains they all appreciated the experience and were excited about the city.

The copy-town in China will include the old town hall and the tropical zoo Randers Rainforest.

Photo: Randers Regnskov

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